How can I reset my Admin Password on a Win2003 server?

I have an IBM server that was given to me by one of my clients. It's running Win2003 server. No one can remember the password. I've tried all the usual candidate passwords that this client typically uses. None work. I've tried a couple of utilities to reset the password to 'blank' (running in linux) and they say they have successfully changed, but they have not.

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hmtwinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are several things you can try:
the first try this, its free

Second you can try this, i used this before with succes, and did a DC admin reset but it will cost you some $

hope this will help.
SCCMCanuckConnect With a Mentor Network AnalystCommented:
Try this free tool:

If that doesn't work you can try the following linux based reset utility, you may have done so already, but i have linked it anyway:

I have had a lot of success with it in the past

If those attempts don't work im not sure what to tell you, suffice to say if you can't find a utility to recover or reset this for you, you probably stuck with redoing the machine.

SCCMCanuckNetwork AnalystCommented:
Hey hod4049,

Have you had a chance to try any of the above suggestions?

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