Crystal Report 2008, Line to separate records

I draw a table like excel, how can I make crystal report draw a line automatically between 2 records (when end of record, there is a line and next is the second record)

Please help me.
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shivkasiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Insert a line  detail section (insert menu >line)


2. Split section of details (right click on detail section on left hand side - Insert section below
Insert line in detailB section
and you can conditionally suppres the section where line is placed
for example :
right click on section > Section expert > place below formula on formula box beside formula box
Go to design view and draw your line under all your fields. The right click on the line , format line, then choose Move to bottom of section when printing.
JameMeckAuthor Commented:
Currently, I am drawing a line under detail field, but if the record expands 2 lines, the line will cross the record.

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BSAS_ITGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thats why you do the second part :

"right click on the line , format line, then choose Move to bottom of section when printing."

 which makes the line jump below every field no matter how long.
Did you try the first suggestion to use a second detail section.  In that way the section can expand as much as necessary.

JameMeckAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I got it.
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