AVG Network Addition Database Keeps Growing avgdb.fdb

I have the avg Firebird Database / Admin consol running on the server.

thier is a file avgdb.fdb that just keeps growing. its over 9 gigs right now.

I had this problem before when it reached 35 gigs and crashed the server for lack of disk space. so this is definitly a reocurring problem
Does anyone know if its storing log files? if they can be trimed?

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yasserdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is how it works. It is needed to collect information from the clients.

"it makes contact with every station everyday. "
It should be configurable to the period that you want. Check P.156 of the document in my last post.
It's not storing log files:
"The AVG DataCenter is a database that contains the entire configuration for AVG
stations, including scan and tasks settings. All stations with AVG installed, as well as
the AVG Admin Console program, communicate with the AVG DataCenter. The
communication is possible only if the Remote Administration component is properly
installed on all stations connected to the AVG Admin Server."
tallmouseAuthor Commented:
I guess my question is what could be incorrect with the remote administration.
it makes contact with every station everyday.

tallmouseAuthor Commented:
I've reduced the interval at which it sycronizes data. But i guess the most important question is how can i purdge the size of that file
yasserdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you done the maintenance on P.211?
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