sql database inaccessible?

i was told a database is inacessible/couldnt connect to database. I was able to select it and run select @@version.
But I think it was in reference to an application. could the database still be inaccessible to the app, or could this be
a connectivity issue for the app?
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computerstreberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the application is having troubles connecting to the SQL Server instances, it can be a number of different issues:

1. A firewall setting may be preventing outside traffic from connecting to port 1433. You can check by running "NETSTAT <server ip> 1433" from a remote computer.

2. The user attempting to connect to the application may not have sufficient privileges.

3. A firewall setting may be set that does not allow certain users to connect to said server.

4. The SQL Server instance may not have the "Allow Remote Connections" enabled....

Can you provide any error information?
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