Blackberry device limitations on BES

I have a difficult customer that will not take no for an answer.  I have been running BES for them for about 3 years now.  One user asked me why he cannot see email farther than (roughly) one month back.  Within that time peroid, he has received 1,721 messages in his inbox.  I have checked all the normal settings on the device and all looks good on the server side.

Why would this be happening?  Device space issue, BES limitations?

Thanks in advanced for the replies.
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Just throwing this out there.....

If this is tied to an enterprise email host, then perhaps the email admin has a policy to remove email older than 30 days...?     Very common thing.  

absremoteAuthor Commented:
It should be running the default policies.  It was one of my first installs and did not do much more than install and attach berries.  I am going to double check tomorrow however.
I'm not talking about the BES here, I'm talking about the mail server.   It's very common to have an email admin create a retention policy to remove old mail
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On the device, go to messages - options - general options. Scroll down to "Days to keep messages". What is it set to? 30 days?

What version of BES are you running? what handheld is the user running? If you're running BES 4.1.5 or higher and handheld 4.5 or higher then the user can perform a remote search on their mailbox for emails not on their blackberry, but that are still in their inbox.
To do this, go to messages, search, and change the "search type" (at the very top) to "remote".

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absremoteAuthor Commented:
MikeKane - The mail is not deleting from Exchange.  It is disappearing from the Blackberry device.

jonny - BES 4.1.6, Blackberry Bold 4.5.  I think your tip is going to do the trick for me.  I am onsite now and will give it a test.
absremoteAuthor Commented:
Searching "remote" was my answer.  Thanks.
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