Error 1508 – Insufficient System Resources

Hi all,
This morning one of my Windows 2003 servers started giving me the following error

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    Userenv
Event ID:              1508
Date:                     07/04/2010
Time:                     18:25:23
User:                     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
Computer:          DC-NODE1
Windows was unable to load the registry. This is often caused by insufficient memory or insufficient security rights.
 DETAIL - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.  
for C:\Documents and Settings\administrator.EMEA\ntuser.dat

This error comes up every time I connect remotely to the server.
These are the configuration details

Windows Server 2003 x86 w/SP2
With Exchange Server 2003 w/SP2
Node 1 of a cluster environment.
The other node is running normally, no problems whatsoever.

I found this from Microsoft

Two questions:

How can I resolve this issue?

Is this issue serious enough to try and apply the solution, reset the server right now?
My concern is that this is a production server and I don’t want to disturb my users if I don’t have to, I would rather wait until the weekend if possible.
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Aj8787Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No let RAM be for now.

Try the solution given by microsoft.

It will surely work.
I had a W2K3 member server, which was running fine until I made it a DHCP server. Then it started to continuously give me error 1508. I installed SP1 and that resolved the issue.

You experience this problem if many users are logged on to the terminal server

Also you can try to increase virtual memory of your server.

However this error isnt so fatal just indicates overload on your server
This problem can be resolved by running CHKDSK /F on the affected drive.
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AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
Hi Aj8787,

I found this
What do you think?

As for the virtual memory, how can I tell what is the percentage of utilization of my virtual memory?

Any other comments also welcome
You can definitely go for given solution.

And to see your page file usage run task manager and see in performance.

If its high peak goto properties of my computer- advanced- performance- advanced- virtual memory and increase the value (max upto 3*size of ram)

Thanks for the knowledge base u provided.

AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
What given solution?
The link from Microsoft?

Also, the pagefile is set to fix size 3*RAM right now, should I change it to server managed?
AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
I will apply this weekend the solution given by Microsoft.
AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
Everything seems to be working normal now.
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