email client that works with exchange server

Hi can anyone recommand an email client (other than outlook) that will work with exchange server? A client that offers the same functionality of outlook but cheaper/free?
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No nothing else would be able to do everything the Outlook way ! I would go with OWA, the web based client.
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
keep in mind that the protocol that allows Outlook and Exchange to work together to provide that righ, synchronized experience was developed by Microsoft specifically for Exchange / Outlook. other devices that have the capability of conencting natively with Exchange such as iPhones, and certain Palm devices have embedded the Microsoft Activesync technology in them (Apple actually pays Microsoft to use it's Activesync technology to allow iPhones to do this) Windows Mobile Phones include Activesync by default (no surprise there)

Microsoft from it's earliest days, has based it's profit model on Licensing, everything they create falls under that financial model, so unless you license the technology from microsoft to connect your client to Exchange, you will not be able to.

obviously, nobody is going to pay Microsoft for that technology, then turn around and give it away for free.

gupnit is correct, if you want free, your only alternative is to use Outlook Web Access.
schang626Author Commented:
well owa is still outlook. We need to cut our expense by finding a client with cheaper licenses.
btw im in a Win XP, Vista, and 7 domain environment. Also using exchange 2003/2007.
Maybe you weren't aware, but Microsoft's Licensing model allows you to install a copy of Outlook for each client that you have a CAL for. So, if you have properly licensed Exchange 2007 and have CAL's already to cover your users, you can install a copy of Outlook 2007 (Not Office 2007, just Outlook) for each user that is covered by a CAL.

You can get a copy of Outlook from your license subscription, if you have taken over from somebody in the past and dont know this information you can contact Microsoft Licensing and they can help you locate and access your licensing accounts to get legal copies of the software your company has licensed.

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schang626Author Commented:
ok i'll contact microsoft licensing. Thanks.
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