Need Linux Live OS which can not access NTFS partitions and will support CITRIX

I need a version of Linux which I can boot from a flash drive which will allow me to connect to CITRIX servers.  The version of Linux will need to have the CITRIX client software installed or I need a method to install the software.  It would also be nice to connect to Windows computers from this version of Linux via RDP if possible - I don't want to install something like VNC on the host computer unless it is necessary.

Also I would like to help protect my laptop's installed OS from attacks.  If the proposed version of Linux has no access to NTFS partitions that would be great.  Ordinarily I could just disable access to the notebook's HD from the BIOS but this particular version does not allow HD resources to be disabled.
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most linux have ntfs access capabilities.

Why not use the laptop as it is to access the remote system?

You could setup/build  DSL with and then disable the NTFS driver's inclusion.

You would need to make sure that the components you need are included and the ones you do not want are excluded.

I am still at a loss on what it is you are trying to prevent. i.e. if you use your laptop to connect to the cistrix server, that somehow the citrix server might be infected/compromised and in turn will compromise your system.

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lets take it in different way you need apps like citrix rdesktop etc.

Make an virtual machine on vmware workstation  with 512 or lesser RAM choose an nice linux distro like Ubuntu or fedora desktop versions install all apps you need

Now make this Vm an package in vmware workstation  it can be done easily all you need is an 8GB pen/USB drive now this pen drive is an mobile virtual machine fully customized by you.

wherever you goto keep this pen drive in pocket and click on this pen drive now it will install vmware player on that machine and will run yours customized virtual machine.

just try this idea.

It looks like the best options would be to compile your own distribution. I suggest using Gentoo - it is very configurable and you will need that, because you'll have to strip the NTFS support from the Linux Kernel.

Quick guide to the concept:

1. First of all install gentoo using the handbook at
2. While Configuring the Kernel (chapter 7 of the handbook) - remember to turn off the NTFS support there.
3. Follow the guide at
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calibreincAuthor Commented:
Thanks arnold.  I'll try to get some more info on configuring DSL w/o NTFS support and install the Citrix client.  When connecting to the Internet via a public hotspot I'd like to prevent access to data on my HD.  Also when I open my Citrix client all of my local HD partitions are exposed.  Not too much of a concern but if there is a work-around to prevent Citrix from accessing my HD that would be a extra benefit of this approach.

Thanks acl-puzz.  I've used Sun's VirtualBox for VM's but I would when using a hot spot my HD would still be accessible.

Thanks Zeracles.  I'll look into Gentoo as well as DSL but was really hoping for a LiveCD distro with these features.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you want to protect data on the laptop, you should encypt it.  Just make sure you make a backup of all data as well.  Full disk encryption can be done through products like TrueCrypt.
calibreincAuthor Commented:
Leew this is actually something which I've done in the past with a corporate notebook.  In that case the entire HD was encrypted such that you had to log into the HD encryption software before XP could even begin to boot.  Problem with this was the speed – very, very, very long boot times.  
Many years ago I had a notebook which had its HD encased in an enclosure.  If you wanted to prevent access to the HD simply pop it out and you were good to go.  After that notebook died other notebooks I owned allowed you to simply disable access to the HD.  Ridiculous what was so easy to accomplish now requires building a custom version of Linux (disabling NTFS support) and then building a LIVE OS distro.
So in the end I think I’ll go with what I know, Windows, and install it to a FLASH drive.  Then I can configure it to ignore the HD partitions.  If I log in as a standard user (no administrator) the HD should be pretty much protected outside of an exploit.  But considering most exploits would assume the HD is available I’m probably pretty safe.
calibreincAuthor Commented:
No doubt useful solutions were presented but they were not useful to me as I’m looking for an existing Linux Live OS distro – I don’t want to build one.  I’ve decided the best solution for me is to install XP to a FLASH drive and disable access to the partitions.  If I have a lot of spare time in the future perhaps I’ll create such a LINUX distro but for now I’m giving up on finding a Linux Live OS with no NTFS support and a CITRIX client installed.  Actually another thing I really need is a Linux alternative to the XP mstsc.exe for accessing Windows computers.
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