Sonicwall Configuration export file (read)

Sonicwall Configuration export file
How do I open and read the file to get the information out.
Without losing the configuration

Lost Admin password on sonic wall 2040

They say it can't be done
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Cas KristConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh sorry, I missed you lost the password. I'm afraid nothing can be done. You'll always need the password for any configuration. As far as I know there is no hack or something.
it can't be done.  Unless you import it into another firewall, but you still would not be able to extract the password.  I would:
export the config
reset router to factory defaults
import the config
change the password.  

Then you should be all good.  assuming your doing some password recovery that is..

Cas KristCommented:
To get a 'readable' report of your configuration you can create a TSR report (under system - diagnostics). This makes a .WRI document which you can read with notepad.
Cas KristCommented:
euh, wordpad
CybrquestAuthor Commented:
How do you do a export when you don't have a password. and in safemode export is not available, Execept for Firmware.
SSH is not available in Safemode telnet is disabled also.

If I do not have a backup of my config file then is this possable ?
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