In over my head: Windows Server 2008 x64

I am under the gun to migrate our intranet site from Server 2003 IIS6 (x86), to Server 2008 IIS7 (x64).  To say that I am having growing pains, is an understatement.  If I had time to putz around with this that would be another story, but I have to get this done in the next week or so.  I just want to get this working and then I'll come back and try to understand everything.

I am having trouble with three things now, and cannot find answers anywhere.  Also, I am getting very few comments on the questions I have already asked, which is odd for EE in my experience.  So I must be asking the wrong questions, or posting in the wrong place, or both.

1. ASP page works in IIS6, fails in IIS7 - only last half of page output is sent

2. Windows Server 2008, IIS7, primary and backup servers

3. New question - Getting CDOSYS to work on Windows Server 2008 x64 and classic ASP:

I get "Access is denied" errors from any classic ASP application that attempts to send email using CDOSYS.  I've tried every solution I could find from Google searches, and nothing works.  I am not averse to writing entirely new ASP code if that's what this requires, except these are classic ASP applications so whatever code is known to work would need to be compatible with classic ASP.

Thank you for any guidance you can give.
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jmundsackAuthor Commented:
Well the application pool that my classic ASP apps are running in was already set to allow 32-bit, etc.  But, I was missing a few of the configuration options (thought they were defaulting to good values because they worked on the old server).  These are the ones I was missing:

colFields("") = "appmonroe2o6ad.hsen"
colFields("") = 25
colFields("") = False
colFields("") = 60

In addition, sendusing was set to 1 on my 2003 box, but your page suggested 2:

colFields("") = 2

After adding/changing these options, the server gave me a different error:

"The server rejected one or more recipient addresses. The server response was 550 5.7.1"

So I did a search for that error and found a page that gave these instructions:

"1. Open IIS window which you can find by doing start->control panel->Administrive Tools->Internet Information Services
2. go to (local computer) -> Default SMTP Virtual Server, right click on it and open the properties window.
3. go to Access tab and click on Relay... button and Relay Restrictions window pops up. Check the 'All except the list below' option, and before click OK, make sure that the bottom checkbox is also checked. Then click OK to exit."

Sorry it was not the complete answer, but glad you got it working

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