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New to visual studio.  Using windows forms for a  database application.  Would like to add a file tree to the application for user navigation.  Does anyone have any idea how to do that or a good link with LOTS of visuals.  I am using visual basic for coding.  Thanks.
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There isn't any control like that built in the FW, however you can easily create one.

You can create the list it self using treeview or listview or any other list control and populate it using

System.IO.Directory / System.IO.DirectoryInfo /
System.IO.File / System.IO.FileInfo /

If you still want to use a third applcation, I remember hearing that the power pack has a control much like the DriveListBox that might be what you're looking for, however I haven't used it personally so can't tell.
Take a look:

Good luck.
Bob LearnedCommented:
There are controls available through the Internet.  Normally, I try not to be a Google monkey, but a Google search with terms = " windows explorer control", returns results like this:

A Windows Explorer in a user control - CodeProject

FileView Control : Windows Explorer-Like File Browser Control
LadyHagoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding but not so much a windows explorer type of tree but more like the one in the link below.  A tree for the database.  The one below was done for access. can it be used in visual studio?
Bob LearnedCommented:
If you need to create a tree, like the one pictured, I believe that you can use the internal System.Windows.Forms.TreeView to achieve that effect.

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