Recurring System has Recovered from a Serious Error / Corrupted Error Report

Hi Experts,

Dealing with a relatively new HP EliteBook 6930p laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3.

Everytime the computer boots, a window pops up saying that "The system has recovered from a serious error." If I send the error report, the Windows Error Reporting website says that I have a Corrupted Error Report. If I hit don't send, the serious error window reappears over, and over, and over. It does this for all users.

In Event Viewer, the only error that seems to come up is a "System Error," Event ID1003, Error Code 100008e, parameter1 c000005, parameter2f563cee9, parameter3 a7a77788, parameter4 0000000.

I have tried clearing the Page File, uninstalling HP Secure Tools (which has caused problems in the past), and installing all the latest Windows updates (including drivers).

Short of re-installing Windows, is there anything I can do?
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toddthejackassConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Thanks for the help. It looks like I was actually able to resolve the issue by simply clearing out the eventlogs in Event Viewer, and then disabling Error Reporting ( After that I rebooted, then re-enabled Error Reporting, then rebooted again.

Somehow that worked.
"KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M" - Most of newsgroup comments about this error point to faulty hardware or drivers. The hardware varies from modems, video cards, USB device to memory or sound cards. Sometimes it proves to be hardware that it is not compatible with Windows XP.
paste this in run


and revert system to an earlier time when it was healthy by using this system restore if that doesnt work do report back!
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Boot off of a clean Windows XP cd ( your bios has to be set to boot
from cd rom 1st ) choose Install ( Not > To Repair a Windows XP
installation using Recovery Console, press R ) at the first prompt.
It will then search for a previous copy of Windows.
When it finds your copy, it will stop at the next prompt and ask if you
want to do a repair. Hit R at this screen.
If it does'nt mention a repair > DO NOT continue.
It will then copy a lot of files and appear to be doing a reinstall (
But its not. All your programs and data are safe, all you will lose,
are your Windows updates )
You can try knowledge base here
toddthejackassAuthor Commented:

I know it's not incompatible hardware, because we have about 10 of these identical machines in circulation, the other 9 of which are problem free in this regard. As for targeting corrupted drivers/faulty hardware, what's the best tool for analyzing drivers?


The problem at this point is that the user was just "dealing" with the issue for almost a month while they were out of the office, so it's almost impossible to know when the issue even began.

some time this menage  may appear if any system files is  not intact

do chkdsk /f first


sfc /scannow (put urs xp cd inside laptop before entering)

I would run memtest to test the memory and gwscan to test the he'd. Just in case..
Sorry, hdd
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