RSS Tab Missing From Outlook 2007

I have just installed Outlook 2007 Standard on Windows 7 Ultimate.  I accepted the option to subscribe to RSS feeds and can view the feeds that were added by default.

When following the directions on Microsoft's website for adding new RSS feeds, I find that the RSS tab itself is completely missing from "Tools->Account Settings" window.

I have also tried subscribing to RSS feeds via Internet Explorer 8, but it does not appear to add these new feeds to Outlook either.

There is no GPO setting in our domain that is disabling the use of RSS feeds.
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m_mccabeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, it turns out that one of my sysadmins did in fact put in a policy to disable the use of RSS feeds.

Sorry for wasting everyone's time.  Thanks for the feedback though!  
m_mccabeAuthor Commented:
I should also add that this is a newly built computer, and only has the Windows 7 OS, Office 2007 Standard, Google Chrome, and Adobe Reader installed on it.  There are no plugins/add-ons installed for Office or Outlook.
Did you add a mailbox? I'm pretty sure Outlook stores the contents of the feeds in that pst file...

Outlook connector might have an RSS reader too. Not used it in a while,

I'd try adding a mailbox before installing any software that might prove unnecessary... :)
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After some digging, it seems you can enable, disable the RSS functionality,

In regedit, go here:
Change the value to 0 for false, or "don't disable"...
My second comment is the solution to this. Are you going to hand out points?
m_mccabeAuthor Commented:
Your input is appreciated, but your suggestion is not a solution to this issue.  My issue was caused by the RSS feature being disabled at the domain level.  It cannot be bypassed by using regedit locally using the directions you provided.

Your solution does not provide the name of the actual value to edit, only the path to the key containing it.  

Additionally, in order for one to bypass GPO rules with regedit, that person would also need to take ownership of the containing key and disallow access for anyone else to change it.  Otherwise, the setting would revert once policy was applied again.  Your instructions did not include this vital step either.
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