Why does T1100PS take so long to print a PDF, while the 1055 Plus does not?

Hello everyone. I have a perplexing problem that I'm hoping you can help me with.

In my department, we have two HP plotters: a 1055 Plus, and a T1100PS. Both plotters are connected via Ethernet to a Dell PowerEdge 2650 running Windows Server 2003, which serves as the print server for both. In a couple of instances over the past four months, we've encountered a situation with these plotters that is most confusing: a user will print a PDF file to the T1100PS and find that the plotter gets caught up in processing for 30 minutes or more. The same file, when sent to the 1055 Plus, prints after only a minute or two.

When the most recent example of this strange problem cropped up, I made note of the amounts of data sent to each of the plotters once the printing job was initiated. When sent to the T1100PS, a 2.5 MB PDF spooled to just over 100 MB, and the printer spent 25 minutes processing before it finally started to print. When the same PDF was sent to the 1055 Plus, it spooled to about 6.4 MB of data and, once spooled, it started printing almost immediately.

(The PDF file referenced in this example is attached to this question.)

The discrepancy in printing times doesn't crop up with every PDF we print. Indeed, the discrepancy crops up most often with the PDFs of a particular user. In the example cited above, the 2.5 MB PDF belonged to this user. It was created from an AutoCAD drawing into which a jpeg had been inserted. The drawing was then "plotted" to the Adobe PDF printer, creating the PDF file. The previous incidents with this sort of printing issue have occurred mostly with PDF files of a similar type and provenance.

I would like some help in figuring out what the cause of this discrepancy between the printing times of the two plotters might be. The aim, of course, would be to reduce the processing time the T1100PS goes through before printing PDFs like the one described in the example above.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.
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Check in printer's properties if both printers have the same print language selected.
I've seen this when post script isn't enabled but you'd think that wouldn't be the case for a device with PS in it's name.
Is the T1100PS using a post script driver or a HPGL driver?  We've had similar issues with some PDF's but like darrenmcwi says, it's more common for the PS printer to fix it, not break it.  You might try setting up a second printer driver to the T1100PS using a HPGL driver to see if it resolves the the problem.  You can also work around the issue by rasterizing the PDF before sending it to the T1100PS.  Just make sure to rasterize it at 1:1 so you don't loose resolution in your line work.  You may also find the problem goes away printing directly from your native application instead of creating the PDF first.

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sixoAuthor Commented:
At the moment, the plotter is using the HPGL driver. Might the problem be resolved by using the PostScript driver instead?
Yes, try that one too. And see what driver is the 1055 using.
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