I/0 error with vmware esxi vsphere client

I'm trying to upload a VM (40 gigs) to the esxi server and i'm getting i/0 error. Any ideas?
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This has happened to me using the VI client, both uploading and downloading. I've found donwloading works using the web interface, but I don't hink you can upload that way. I would suggest using the VMware converter to get it up there.
Perhaps you are not terribly impressed with the Datastore Browser that is built into the Virtual Infrastructure Client. Maybe it’s not the most efficient way to transfer files around.

Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Web Access to the ESXi file system:
Substitute your ESXi server’s IP address and the name of your datastore. You can download files via web browser. I’m not sure it’s faster for downloading large files, but if nothing else, it will give you a better progress bar. It is certainly faster for browsing around in the file system. If you are plagued by the dreaded “I/O error occurred” problem, and don’t want to use WinSCP or don’t have access to the server console to enable SSH, it will do the job.

PuTTY access to the console, and WinSCP access to the ESXi file system:

1.Go to the ESXi console and press alt+F1
2.Type: unsupported
3.Enter the root password
4.At the prompt type “vi /etc/inetd.conf”
5.Look for the line that starts with “#ssh” (you can search with pressing “/”)
6.Remove the “#” (press the “x” if the cursor is on the character)
7.Save “/etc/inetd.conf” by typing “:wq!”
8.Restart the host server.
Note: you can avoid restarting the server, but it’s no longer as easy as restarting services.sh. You need to:

1.Run ps | grep inetd
2.Look through the output for something like 1299 1299 busybox       inetd, process id 1299
3.Run kill -HUP <process_id>
ALT+F2 gets you back to the main management screen.


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Check this link out also, depending on the version of ESXi you are on...


This fixes this:
•In prior releases, when downloading or uploading a large file using the datastore browser an I/O error might be displayed. This issue also occurs when exporting a virtual appliance to OVF.
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