how to set up a wireless hotspot user login page with a legal agreement before proceeding to get internet access?

we need to have guest users of the wireless hotspot click on a legal disclaimer before we allow them to go out on our internet connection. can this be done through a proxy server, or is there some hardware to buy (currently just use netgear wireless router), or is there some other solution?
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bmsjeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Proxy - and outside source either on your network or www, like Chillispot.

dd-wrt, flash your router with their firmware.
You login to the router LAN SIDE and setup the router as a hotspot.
In the hotspot area is a section to setup your Splash page.
You will then have a SSID for the hotspot.
There is limited memory space setup on the router for you to load data, like your splash page.

Users who login via the hotspot SSID will only be able to access the internet, they are block from the local LAN.
This will not log the actual users, everyone will have access via the SSID.  If you want to assign specific users and passwords you will need something like a RADIUS server or ChilliSpot.
works great with a Linksys WRT54GL

You can either use a proxy or have everything self contained in the router.

Here is a list of Supported Devices:
melnusbaumAuthor Commented:
can you please provide more detail? I don't quite get it.
proxy - you mean a server running IIS or something, where you write a homepage that lets users through?
dd-wrt - you re-flash your router and it comes up with a login screen you have written? how do you get the login screen into the router?
thanks - mn
melnusbaumAuthor Commented:
I get it. Thanks!!
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