SharePoint - Logged in as System Account

I found this previous post but neither suggestion is working for me:

This is a new SharePoint 2007 installation on a Windows 2008 Server in a 2003 Domain.  I created individual accounts for each required service in SharePoint.  I also verified Windows is select under Authenticiation Providers (I'm a Domain Admin as well).

Any ideas why I can't log in with my own AD account?
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Is your own domain account added in the farm administrators list or the BUILTIN\administrators?

Log in as system account and check it out: http://centraladmin/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=3
Wade_ChestnutAuthor Commented:
Actually, Yes... I'm a Farm Administrator... should I not be?
Wade_ChestnutAuthor Commented:
...oh, and BUILTIN\administrators is, too, as well as the domain's Domain Admin group.
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When you configured MOSS for the first time, which account did you use for database access?

You can check by looking at the identity of the Central Admin app pool. Or by selecting the application pool service account of CA here: http://centraladmin/_admin/FarmCredentialManagement.aspx

The reason I ask, maybe what SharePoint is saying is "System Account" is actually *your* domain account? That's just conjecture...

Wade_ChestnutAuthor Commented:
I attached a screenshot from the link you provided.  I did create individual AD accounts for each type of service I was prompted for (6 total) during the SharePoint installation.  As you can see, this screen shows the INTERNAL\applocationpool account is set for the SharePoint - 9600 application pool.  Is that what I should have done?

Wade_ChestnutAuthor Commented:
I found this on another web site:
Because your account was used to create the SharePoint databases, your account is marked as a System Account.  
You need to run the STSADM command "updatefarmcredentials" and set it to an account like the NetworkService account to prevent this from occurring.  
To fix this, you must run the following commands:  
stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -identitytype NetworkService  
followed by:  
That worked for me!

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