BIND secondaries option in the Advanced tab of the DNS server

We have three internal DNS servers, two are WIndows server 2008 and one is Windows server 2003. The 'BIND secondaries' option in the Advanced tab of the DNS server
properties is checked on the 2003 server, but is not checked on the two 2008 servers.
Would it be best to uncheck it on the older 2003 server?
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I'm not sure of your configuration or setup, but why three different dns servers? Are these different domains?  Is this a large organization?
Some elaboration might help in determining what you might should do.
SpelurkerAuthor Commented:
The three DNS servers are all domain controllers in one domain. The dns zone is Active Directory Integrated so it's the same on all three servers.
it would probably be best to upgrade the older server to 2008 or remove it, to keep things consistent
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SpelurkerAuthor Commented:
Upgrading the server is not realy an option at the moment.
So, what would unchecking the 'BIND secondaries' option in the Advanced tab of the DNS server
properties do?
Based on your scenario I would check the box for "bind secondaries" this was a default in 2003 but not in 2008.
There may be other issues about dynamically updating dns records between the servers, if they are you will see them in the event viewer logs.
You could also add the second server in your dhcp scope for redundancy.
I'm still not sure how the 2003 box will play well with the 2008 boxes, but I would at least bind the 2008 boxes.
Do you need the 2003 box as an AD machine?

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SpelurkerAuthor Commented:
At the moment, yes.
What exactly does the 'Bind Secondaries' do?
Basically, it gives your internal clients a secondary dns server to access if the primary goes down. It also allows the dns servers to dynamically update between each other.
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