Microsoft Exchange Privacy

I am trying to convince the powers that be to switch form pop3/dovecot to Exchange.

The CEO doesn't want his email on the server because the administrators can look at it. (He was burned in the past with IMAP on Linux)

Can anyone give me a resource I can reference that talks about email privacy on exchange for an executive to read.

I want to show him that exchange can be configured to secure his email, so that nobody can look at it.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i am sorry to burst your bubble, but an exchange administrator can always have access to all emails if/when he needs/wants to.

No matter what the mail server you are using and/or where it is hosted there is always a trust level needed

i have the same situation with the our company owner, and same mintality
i solved the problem by providing 2 emails for him (coporate email, + yahoo paid service with his name)
i provided for him a black berry devie and forwarded his both mail to the black berry
all his private and important mails goes to his yahoo, he anounced this to all emplyee and friends. in his business card it shows the 2 emails

in this case you never as exchange admin can see what email he receievd , and i was happy that i closed this chapter with him

If a CEO / Director or person in charge cannot trust the IT administrators then they should employ new IT administrators that they can trust because as Akhater says, there is ALWAYS a level of trust required.

For example, the yahoo scenario above, if an administrator was determined enough, what would stop him from installing easily obtained software to monitor the activity of his IT equipment and capture the keyboard input and send the information periodically. Most administrators have control over anti-virus etc and have the knowledge to bypass security and install software and so they will always have the upper hand here.

The key is that the staff can be trusted not to be malicious, devious and unethical in this way, and in the MAJORITY of cases, IT staff are not interested in breaking these rules of conduct and it is more about having a good professional relationship.

I appreciate the reality is that some people can be set in their ways and will not budge, but the reality here is that you just have to trust the administrator.

brittonvAuthor Commented:
While I understand that the Administrator can gain access, this is not the default configuration.

Auditing can be configured to log the access of mailboxes to which you are not the owner.  

I know I can be trusted as I don't care what he does, but as I said he had been burned in the past.  As I have seen this question before I thought there would be some "Best Practice" out there to maximize privacy.
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