Vide player - Make play/mute/pause controls appear on mouseOver

Hey all,

I'm trying to setup a simple video player via netStream. this is working fine.

My problem is, that when I mouseOver the video window, I want my mute,play,pause controls to appear. They do this. My controls will overlap the video window at the bottom when they appear - and since im also listening for a mouseOut event on the same window - to make the controls disappeat - then I got a conflict in regards of using the controls.

Everytime I hover the controls, that will be seen as a mouseOut.

Any ideas on how to do this?

I've also attached my example. This is as3
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This has been sent out as a neglected question.
Are you around, will you delete your question as i'm guessing you don't need an answer anymore.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Hey blue-genie,

neglected? I've just posted this question yestorday and haven't received any comments on the topic yet.
Did I post this in a wront way? Please advice :)
ooh sorry, i have no idea, my mailbox is just being filled with 100 odd messages a day about neglected questions and I'm losing track.

sorry i should have looked at the date properly, I just clicked on the link and I think I saw the 7 thinking July.
will download your file and have a look.
mrsamAuthor Commented:
Found a work around - not entirely how I wanted to solve it and not the right way to solve it - hoped for an answer, but you can't be lucky everytime.

Instead of having a alpha 0 movieclip acting as my on/off hover for showing my controls, I made a png with 0 in opacity. Put that into a movieclip with alpha 100 and put my controls into the movieclip aswell.

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hi sorry i forgot about you. with the recent mass cleanup my mail box just got bombarded with hundreds of mails and the new stuff i was following got lost in between. the fact that your hover is over your control and you're trying to detect mouse over events - it will give you a headache. Glad you found a solution anyway.
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