Netware 5 IDE drives

To all the Netware and hardware users:

I am trying to install Netware 5 on a Compaq desktop computer.   It is a Pentium 3 or 4, I don't remember.   I have one IDE CDROM drive and two Seagate IDE 40 gig drives.  The NIC card is a 3COM 905C card.   During the installation, Netware automatically adds Generic IDE CDM files for the all three drives.   It doesn't see the NIC card.   However, it is being picky about the drives.  It is asking for the drivers for the HD's and possibly the CDROM drive.   I am not sure where to get the drivers for these drives.    

Help....... Just point to the exact place where I can finish this off.   Thanks.
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maquesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The "must read" on NW3.12/4.x/5.x IDEATA and LAN drivers:

Lan driver section:

If you have a question regarding to those, let me know.
Have you tried
pfishernyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.   No I didn't go to   Be more specific.  What I suppose to be looking for on this site?
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pfishernyAuthor Commented:
Also, let me add to anyone who reads my question, I have the DOS partition set at 50mb.  
I would have thought the IDEHD and IDECD drivers which come bundled with Netware would easily cater for your storage devices. Try the LIST DEVICES command and have a look at C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF for IDE entries.

The 3com driver can be downloaded from if required. It's been bundled in all recent versions of Netware (ie. at least everything in the last 10 years), but NW5 is quite ancient and I don't recall if it was included although the 905 was widely available at the time of NW5 release. The driver name is 3C90X.LAN; try LOAD C:\NWSERVER\3C90X.LAN from the console first.
pfishernyAuthor Commented:

thanks for the reply.   How do I do a List Devices command during installation?   If the IDE entries are there then what does that tell me?  
Is it loading IDEATA at the proper address? Usually you find it at 170 or so. If you attempt to load IDEATA, does it give you a list of possible addresses?

pfishernyAuthor Commented:

Will do.  I will look them over.  Thanks for the advices.
pfishernyAuthor Commented:
The answer was clear to understand but not a full solution

Thanks for accepting.
"The answer was clear to understand but not a full solution"
Erm, you wrote: "Just point to the exact place where I can finish this off.   Thanks."
Place was pointed. Additional help was also offered:
   "If you have a question regarding to those, let me know. "
You didn't ask for additional help.
Above is still valid, not just for you, but for help the community.

All the best,
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