How to setup FTP Server on BT Internet Broadband with Dynamic IP


I want to enable the FTP Server on my NAS box to do a couple of remote backups.  I've done this before, the only real difference being that time my setup had a fixed IP.  Right now I'm on a dynamic IP on BT Internet Broadband.

I know the IP address and have a DynDNS account to handle any time it changes and have port forwarding setup on my router to send FTP traffic to the NAS box.

Issue is that when I try to connect to the dynamic IP in an FTP client it can't find the server and times out.

I tried using the Windows command line and it appeared to connect with: ftp  but I don't know what else to do with it as I don't know any of the commands or what to test for.

Can anyone start pointing me in the right direction?

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ClintSwineyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable Passive mode on your FTP server. That should let the client connect without issue. Also make sure you have the appropriate ports open on the router for the FTP server you are using. Some need to have 20, 21 and 22. Some will work fine with just 21. Depends on the server app. I use Filezilla server and it works flawlessly using non-passive mode over dyndns using only Port 21.

vinylaAuthor Commented:
The FTP Server doesn't have the option to disable passive FTP, only 'use default port range for passive' or 'user specified port range for passive'.

I am sure I have the correct port open on the router and traffic from this forwarded to the NAS Box.

Is there any way I can test if the router is configured correctly?  I guess this is where the issue is as I can connect to the FTP Server no bother on the local network using the machine name of the NAS box as the host.

When I ping the dynamic IP address I'm on it responds immediately but when I try to connect with FTP it just times out.  I would try to Telnet to the correct port on my IP address to see if it responds but don't know how.

Any further suggestions?

ClintSwineyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What FTP server software are you running?

The only way to properly test the router is to establish a connection to the service you configured.

Ping will usually work but it is not an indication of anything other than the host is there and on. Let me know the FTP server app you are running and I can try to help further.

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