Recover exchange Server after hard disk failure

Hi All

Our server sbs2003 suffered hard disk failure (single disk only) .  I installed a new hard disk a two month old image of the system.  It started fine and I manage to restore all my essential data from dat tapes using veritas 10d after running an inventory and catalog on the last tape.  I then had to manually connect all the workstations to the restored server as the times were out of sync.

All fine so far except none of the workstations will connect to exchange .  Also I created a recovery storgae group and ran a restore on the information store from veritas backup exec 10d which restored my last exchange database files *.edb & *.stm. I tried to restore my public folders and mailboxs but it fails .

I was thinking of re-installing exchange and try to connect the users again and restore the database files.  Is this the best route .  I need to restore everyone mailbox and a couple of calendars.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

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Ensure that you have run all the updates after the restore of Exchange. Then run a restore using symantec of the latest information store backup you have overwriting any information store you might have at the moment,

""I was thinking of re-installing exchange and try to connect the users again and restore the database files.  Is this the best route .  I need to restore everyone mailbox and a couple of calendars.""

go ahead this is the only option you have

ilovefishingAuthor Commented:
ok , I'm trying that now and will keep you posted . Strangely its asking for exchange server sp1 on disc2 and even when you point to it it stalls but I'll download it and unpack them somewhere else and re point to them.
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what was the version of exchange initially just before crash. What is the version of exchange after restoring the image. they should be same. Also whether all the exchange services started and whether the database stores were mounted. The reason is that if database restored comes from Ex2003SP2 system and you restored the image containing the Exch2003Sp1 or earliar then database wont mount. Moreover there are bringht chances that the permissions got ripped off and you need to run /forestperp and /domainpred.

But it seems you have already started with the reinstall process. Will wait for updates ...
ilovefishingAuthor Commented:
Ok, I reinstalled Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 .  I then restored from the Information Store which contained the mailbox store and public folder store from the DAT tapes using veritas 10d.

It took awhile and restored a large priv1.edb file about 4GB and a priv1.stm file about 1gb .  When it got to the logs it failed and gave the following veritas error (v-79-57344-65146) 

I also tried to restore the exchange mailbox's and public folders but the also failed with the following error "Resource not available"

I have a 4 month old image of the server which works fine and I can but that back easy if need be.

Any advice on the best course of action from here?

ilovefishingAuthor Commented:

Hi , Just to let you know I got it going as follows;

1. Re-installed old server image
2. Re-installed exchange 2003 from the master CD's & its SP2
3. Deleted the mailbox's and re-created them in R/click exchange tasks or from exchange manager
4. Logged into each users profile and sent an email (had to reconnect them to the network)
5. Restored each users mailbox using backup exec 10d , used exchange redirect to the server and the mailbox name

Job done, helped by the fact there is only 10 users

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1. Decided to use Acronis and take an automatic scheduled weekly image of the server
2. Setup the backup jobs on Veritas BU Exec (Pain in the arse) 10d again (Mon - Friday tapes)
3. Also use a program Goodsync to backup the main data files daily to a romovable drive automatically

Any thoughts or constructive critisim on the above would be welcome

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