Windows 7 wireless does not automatically connect

I just setup four new Dell laptops. They are configured to use Windows to control wireless. It is set to automatically connect to wireless networks that are already configure. This does not happen on any wireless network. The users need to manually connect.

WLAN autoConfig service is started and set to automatic

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GISCOOBYConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
By WLAN autoconfig are you refering to Wireless Zero Configuration? I have had several new Dell notebooks that had a problem with the Control Point software interferring with the above mentioned service. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall the Control Point and any Intel Wireless apps to get the Wireless Zero Configuration service to remain Started.
This is a well-known problem since Windows Vista - they cannot connect to adhoc networks automatically (by default)
This can be solved by a Scheluder task (thats build in to windows).
Follow the good guide here:
ajdratchAuthor Commented:
These are not adhoc networks. There are access points. It does not happen to all the Windows 7 laptops, just the last four that we got in
bbeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just an fyi, you don't really need to uninstall the intel or dell wireless apps, you can just disable the service.  I tried an uninstall on the dell wireless utility once and it blew up the windows wireless.
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