Crystal Cross tab conditional colour formating of the current field crystal 8.5

I have a report that is a cross tab in Crystal 8.5 I am wanting to have the figures in the crosstab print red if they are a negative figure.

I have tried the following in format eidtor, font tab and then colour formula
If Sum(CurrentFieldValue) > 0 then crred else crblack, but then I get everything in red.
I have also tried:
If (CurrentFieldValue) > 0 then crred else crblack, but I still get everything in red

I have also tried:
If Sum(CurrentFieldValue) > 0 then crred else crblack under the number tab, custom style, negatives formula
But with this all figures dissapear and don't display

What simple thing am I missing??
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you missed typed it shouldn't it be < rather than >

If (CurrentFieldValue) < 0 then crred else crblack

nicbak13Author Commented:
Amazing what another set of eye's does.  Thanks
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