Compal Dual Core Laptop - EL81 install memory

I have a friends computer trying to upgrade memory.  Cannot figure out how to open door to install memory.  There are three doors, one for fan, one for hard drive and one I cannot open ( assuming it is for memory stick).  It has one screw one side lifts, but it seems to be locked on the other side.  I do not want to break it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

this is the only info I found
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Some of those covers snap on pretty tight. You might need to pry it up with a small screw driver. Use a little care. I never saw one break but I suppose it's possible.

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EliteDeskAuthor Commented:
Thanks...  used screw driver !  It locked on the sides.
Ian MeredithCommented:
You should be able to lift up the side that has the screw in it, then pull the cover off (slide in the direction of the front of the laptop)....

On the CDroms that came with the laptop you should find one that contains the Laptop User Guide or Service Manual.

Here is a link to some manuals for a Compal HEL81 (similar model)...

Download and open the "HEL81_ch5-Disassembly Guide.doc" for pictures and information on installing hardware.
EliteDeskAuthor Commented:
Ian, thank you!
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