Turn off dialog boxes in gvim

I have been using vi/vim/gvim for a few months now, and am loving it.  However, I recently discovered an annoyance while using gvim.  I will often start a bash shell from within gvim so that I can use our versioning-control software to either check a file in or out.  However, this means that when I exit the bash shell, gvim senses the change in the file permissions, and pops up a dialog box notifying me that the file has changed, and allowing me to either dismiss the message or re-load the file.  I always reload the file, but I find that it requires me to move from the keyboard to my mouse and click the "load file" button.

My question is this:  is there a setting in gvim that will make all those notifications in-line like it would be in the non-gui vim?  I want to have no windowed dialog boxes, because they require me to switch to the mouse.  I just want it to prompt me in the command/status bar at the bottom, and then I can type my response without ever leaving my beloved home-row.

Thanks in advance!
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From Vim FAQ:

5.6. When editing a file in Vim, which is being changed by an external
     application, Vim opens a warning window (like the confirm dialog) each
     time a change is detected. How do I disable this warning?

You can set the 'autoread' option to configure Vim to automatically read
the file again when it is changed outside of Vim:

    :set autoread

You can also use the following autocommand:

    autocmd FileChangedShell *
          \ echohl WarningMsg |
          \ echo "File has been changed outside of vim." |
          \ echohl None

For more information, read

    :help 'autoread'
    :help FileChangedShell
    :help timestamp
    :help :checktime


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crakdmirrorAuthor Commented:
Perfect!  Autoread was exactly what I was looking for!  Thanks!
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