Word 2k7 converted to PDF displays partial images

When a user prints from Adobe 7.0 Pro (updated) from MS Word 2k7 (updated) one header image prints partially and the other one doesn't print. The diagram in the body prints distorted.
I have tried converting from r-clicking on the file and selecting convert to PDF and i have tried printing to Adobe.
Any ideas?
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Blue Street TechLast KnightsAsked:
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Blue Street TechConnect With a Mentor Last KnightsAuthor Commented:
I found a workaround, http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HA100649921033.aspx
I works everytime now!

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Acrobat 7 is not supported by Office 2007, only acrobat 8.1 and higher:

Upgrading to 9.0 (actually 9.3.1, via updates) will solve this.

Blue Street TechLast KnightsAuthor Commented:
this does work on most of the documents having these same elements...there are just a few that this happens to.
That made me think the objects are possibly setup differently than the other docs that work. I got the diagram to dispay by reconfiguring the object properties.
right-click on the outer edge of the ToolArt Object box.
Click on Format Object…
Click 3-D Rotation tab.
Under Text section click Keep Text Flat.
Any thoughts as to the text box or images in the header?
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