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Transfertext Header Rows

Hello, I am creating a text file from a table using the following vba script but the field names/headers are not included.  Is there a way to include the headers in a transfertext.  I have them included in my SPEC.  Thank you.


Private Sub cmdFileExp_Click()
   Dim sysdat As Variant, mo As Variant, da As Variant, yyyy As Variant
    Dim fname As Variant, fexist As String
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryPeopleReport_Clnup" 'Delete query
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryPeopleReport_App" 'Append query

    sysdat = Now()
    mo = Month(sysdat)
    da = Day(sysdat)
    yyyy = Year(sysdat)
    fname = "H:\HR\BENEFITS\" & "payroll_" & yyyy & "-" & mo & "-" & da & ".txt"
    fexist = Dir(fname)
    If Len(fexist) <> 0 Then
    Kill fname
    End If

    MsgBox "All People Report information being exported to " & fname & ".", vbOKOnly
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "qrypeoplerepexp", "tblPeopleReport", fname

    MsgBox "export complete.", vbOKOnly
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True

End Sub
1 Solution
Patrick MatthewsCommented:

DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "qrypeoplerepexp", "tblPeopleReport", fname, True

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