How to boot from USB external CD-ROM on Toshiba Portege M200?

Hi Experts,

This Toshiba Tablet PC doesnt have any built in CD-ROM and thus I have to use an external CD-ROM, but I can't load my Windows CD from it. Have tried with other bootable CDs and also tried booting the CDs on different computers as well as using the same external CD-ROM and there's no issue if I do it on another computers.

I've played around with the BIOS, dont know if I might've missed something.

Any clues?
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B HCommented:
on toshiba's, when you turn it on and see the toshiba logo, you can usually press the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.

this will cycle thru some icons at the bottom, representing the hard drive, cd drive, network, usb, etc.  you should pick the cd icon and hit enter

you have to be fairly quick tho
The Toshiba BIOS
is a little different here. You should be able to boot
from your CD/DVD drive on an M200 by holding down the F12 key while
switching the tablet PC on. You can then use the cursor
keys to select the
boot device
   enter into BIOS settings and give the first preference to USB in Boot order
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astrosbsAuthor Commented:
I've chosen CD/DVD as the 1st boot device by using the cursor keys and it still won't load.
There's no USB in Boot order in BIOS. CD ROM is the closest option.

But anyway, last night I connected a standard DVD-ROM for PCs and connected it to the laptop by using USB-IDE converter, and it managed to load Windows CD. But then another issue arised, during loading (before it comes to the point where you need to press F8) it came up with a blue screen (0x0000007B). Also it's very slow.
B HCommented:
7b is 'cant find your hard drive boot sector'...  does your laptop have an IDE hard drive or sata?  you might need the f6 sata drivers, and a usb floppy drive :/

what windows cd did you boot to... 7 or xp?
M200's are IDE.  Download Ultimate Boot CD and run the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test on the hard drive.  It may be failing.

A quick note on M200's and most other Toshiba laptops:  They generally won't boot from any CD drive that isn't a Toshiba branded drive.  In fact, I'm willing to be the desktop CD drive you used was manufactured by Toshiba.  

M200's are great, by the way.  Probably one of the best Tablet PCs ever built.  They're rock solid.  We've sold at least 50 of the things since we started our business 3 years ago.

astrosbsAuthor Commented:
It is an IDE HDD and I'm trying to load it with Win XP Tablet Edition.

At the moment, it is running Hitachi Drive Fitness Test.. We'll see what the result shows. And yes, you are right about the exclusiveness of Toshiba laptops having to boot from Toshiba branded CD-ROM. I'm lucky enough to be able to boot from this standard Pioneer DVD-ROM =)
astrosbsAuthor Commented:
Hitachi Drive Fitness gave me a 0x00 which according to the manual it means it passed the tests successfully..

What else could be the issue you reckon?
astrosbsAuthor Commented:
Issue has been fixed. No problem with the HDD. Reinstalled Windows via IDE-USB adapter connected to Pioneer DVD-ROM.

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