Blackberry Device on BES

My BB device is not synching well with my desktop settings on MS Outlook. I get all the emails no problem but if I delete/read an email on my desktop it doesnt reflect on the BB.
I reactivated my device and also disabled and then enabled the wireless sync option to no avail.

My next step is to use the 'Delete all device data and disable device' on the BES.

If I move ahead with this step can I then re-enable the device in the BES? I want to make sure I can re-enable it and re-sychn to get all my emails etc.
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If you're on a BES then chances are it won't be handheld related, as it's the BES that manages the changes in read/deleted marks between handheld and Outlook/Exchange.
It could be that you have MAPI issues - do you know enough about BES to be able to troubleshoot it? you can always try restart the mailbox agent, dispatcher, and controller service and see if that helps, albeit temporarily. If it is temporary relief then it most likely is a problem with MAPI.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
doesn't sound like a handset issue, but while your wiping the unit, make sure you have the latest firmware installed, and the latest Desktop Manager (v5.01 at the moment).  i would take a closer look at your profile on the BES server (again ensure you have the latest service pack applied), and possibly the policy that's being applied to your profile.

is there any other blackberry user with the same issue??

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tolinromeAuthor Commented:
Yes there are some BB users with the same issue, which then leads me to believe that it's a BES problem, but as I dont have much knowledge about troubleshooting the BES, so not really sure where to go on that one and restarting the mailbox agent, dispatcher, and controller service would not be an option since everyone's email will be disturbed.

What happens when I 'Delete all device data and disable device' on the BES? Can I then re-enable and re-synch afterwards no problem without interaction from Verizon? If I choose this option I will make sure I have the latest Desktop manager and firmware installed.
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tolinromeAuthor Commented:
I'm still having an issue.

I deleted all device data and disabled the device from the BES and still the problem existed.
I then deleted myself from the BES and then re-added me and re-activated and still the problem exists.

This is also happening to a few other users as well.

What can I do or look into to make sure that reconciliation is working correctly between the BB and Outlook? When an email is modified/deleted from either the BB or Outlook I would like that change to be reflected on either device.

seems your black berry service in your sim is not working,
be sure you are getting EDGE, or GPRS in capital letters

check with your service provider if wither you registered to the wireless service or no
check also if you have the BES service not BIS service
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
also make sure your BESAdmin account (which your server would be logged in with, as BES does not like domain admin accounts) has Send As permissions to your use's mailbox -- start by checking your own account.  This is done in AD, preferably on a system with Admin Tools and the Exchange System Manager on it (if you have Exch 2003).

this might explain how the mail gets to your handset, but doesn't send data back to your account from the handset.
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