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I recently installed a new PC with Windows 7 Professional into a Windows server 2003 environment.  I have tried many things, including several suggestions from Experts Exchange, but I simply cannot configure the computer so the user can be allowed access to install or update any programs.  Whenever the user tries to install or update a program, an error occurs that says that user doesn't have administrator rights.  I have verified that the user is already an administrator on the computer, edited the Gpedit.msc to allow changes, added the user to both the administrator and Power Users group on the computer, and added the user to the Domain admin, administrator groups on Windows Server 2003.  Any help would be appreciated-
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Just posting so i can see an answer to this.... I had the SAME EXACT issue with a Vista Enterprise machine once before.
B HCommented:
you can disable user access control then reboot - or right-click the installer, run as administrator.

even if your user is an administrator, sometimes you still have to runas to get around the UAC
I have had this problem with a few programs when trying to install them. The right click & Run as Administrator will let these programs install.

If you have user account control turned off then it will ry run as normal user without telling you anything. When it is turn on it gives you the option of running as an administrator so you would not need to do the right click & Run as Administrator.

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dtidstrandAuthor Commented:
Thank you but yes disabling UAC was one of the first things I tried, and the "Run as" is a workaround but was looking to see if anyone had an absolute solution or a cause as to why this continues to happen even though the user is administrator on the Windows 7 machine?
It is to add better security to the OS so that unwanted programs can not install themselfs on your PC.

As most people will log on to their machine as an administrator this allows programs to run as you & do what they want with the PC. Microsoft has tried to stop it by adding in features so you have to say "Yes I want this to do that"
Group Policy or Local Policy

Computer Policy>Windows Settings>Security Settings> Local Policies>Security Options> User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation Prompt for Administrators> "Elevate without prompting"
The user account may be corrupted or it's a privilege issue.
You can try running the fix and see if it helps.
Also you should be able to give the user app install rights without being an admin using local policy
dtidstrandAuthor Commented:
Yes <Encrypted1024>, I already checked the local policies and made sure everything is set as administrator.  <centerv> your suggestion of the corrupted user profile is also a possibility, and one I hadn't considered.  Although this is a brand new Windows 7 machine.  I will try logging on as a 3rd user or just creating a new user that has admin rights and see if the 3rd user has the same problem, then I can isolate the problem to either the machine or to the user profile to see which one might be causing the rights issue.  Thank you all-
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