How to recover "Pictures" entry under "Places" list of items in Finder window.

I mistakenly dragged and dropped the "Pictures" folder entry from the list of items under "Places" in a Finder window on a 10.5.8 Mac OS.  I don't know where I might have dropped this entry.  It has apparently gone somewhere but I can't find it.  How can I recreate the "Pictures" folder entry in the "Places" list?  I tried creating an alias for the "Pictures" folder and dragging and dropping that into the "Places" list and that worked but it has a camera icon rather thatn a "Folder" icon like the original "Pictures" entry had.

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Philip_SparkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can change the folder icon using the get info box, it's pretty simple/

Just remember this will change for good (your pictures folder will be a plain folder icon in the finder), if you want to keep a copy of the camera folder icon, just create a new untitled folder called camera folder icon (with a copy and paste sampled from the original pictures folder, with the camera on it) and save that somewhere
If you drag anything off the places list it is removed and not put anywhere else

To add it back in go to Finder and go to your home directory, you should see the Pictures folder, just drag and drop it back into where you'd like it in places
mgump9Author Commented:

I did drag the "Pictures" folder from the user home directory onto the "Places" list and it created the icon but, like I said in my original post, it made it a Camera icon rather than the Folder icon that was there originally.

I would like to have the original Folder icon back in the list.

Apologies, I didn't realise you wanted the folder icon not the camera icon.

I don't believe this is possible in Snow Leopard but found this article which might help with a solution to your problem
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