How to install 64 drivers for Terminal Server on x86 server 2003...

I've seen lots of discussion on this. Tried just about everything I found to no avail. It's pretty simple but It's not working. I've got a windows 7 box running 64 bit. with a HP officejet L7600 series printer. I'm trying to redirect the printer for Terminal servers.

I've long past given up installing the driver on the x86 server directly. It asks for the AMD64 folder, which I located on a x64 Server 2003 disk.. but then it ask for NTPrint.ini..  which i find then it fails anyway...

I've tried installing the driver from the client workstation using the UNC path \\termserver\printers, server properties.. add print server driver wizard... it either fails at 99% done with this error... or it finishes which doesn't redirect the printer either...

I found some doc from Micrsosoft saying i should re-write the driver. which is ridiculous...

I have read all about the driver names matching exactly. Well they do, the exact one that is says I should install in the event viewer is the one I've installed. Verbatim, spelling, capitalization... spacing.. argh! if I was to rename the driver where would i do that any way...

I'm at a loss for words. How is possible that Microsoft didn't count on this rather obvious dillemma? Much respect any one that helps. Of course the client is the owner of the company and I have another identical issue on the president of the company's pc...
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for the win7 64bit machine, the driver is built in... so... right-click, printer properties, advanced, driver, new driver, specify, hp deskjet 5650, ok a bunch, rename it if you want

for the 2003 x86 server:
B HCommented:
is that wft-error or WTF error :)

anyway, here's the deal...

drivers can only do what they're told to do... and microsoft follows thru with it.  the driver was written poorly, which is not uncommon.

the fix...

there are 2 possible solutions here:

1. use the PCL version on the connecting machine, and the PCL version on the server  (32/64 where appropriate)
2. use the PCL version of DeskJet 5650 on BOTH machines.  you can rename his printer locally so he's not like "wtf is this printer", just call it an L7600, but make it use the deskjet 5650 pcl driver

yes i know you said officejet L7600 and not deskjet 5650... and i know it makes no sense... but i have a document from hp that explains what works on terminal server and what doesnt.  the PS versions dont, at all, and the deskjet 5650 pcl language is the only thing that the printer understand while the server also understands.

eschonianAuthor Commented:
Now we are on to something. I've had to do that wrong driver deal before on another HP printer. I'm at the support page for hp and I can't find a PCL driver anywhere. The only one that isn't included in the OS is the XP 64 driver..

Since this issue is so specific, my other printer I'm having same issue with is an HP Officejet 6400 Series AIO... any idea on that?

btw it was a WTF error. In my haste I typo... :)
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B HCommented:
attached is the document i always end up referencing...

the officejet 6400, if J6400, should work with the oldest version of PCL that you can find, on both machines

now let me get this straight before i go digging...

you are connecting from win7 x64, to server2003 x86, right?

note about the attached - wherever it says citrix, they mean terminal server... it's the same thing.  microsoft tried to buy it years ago, citrix said no, so ms just ripped it off anyway

eschonianAuthor Commented:
For the Officejet 6400 Series on the server I installed the 5600 Series x64... for the client I wasn't able to get the 5650, it's a built in use 990c deal. But I had the 990c installed on the server already. I renamed it. It redirected...I can't wait to see if he can actually print something tomorrow...

I'll be trying out the l7600 again tomorrow. It went to sleep. Thanx for your help. I'll follow up soon..
eschonianAuthor Commented:
dude your my hero... lol.
B HCommented:
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