Horizontal Lines / Notebook Effect / MS Word

I want to make a document in MS word that basically has horizontal lines similar to a sheet of notebook paper.  Basically when I print I will print the lines onto the paper rather than using papers with lines already and trying to line everything up.  Any suggestions on how to do this.  I thought I could do it with underline but when I make the underline a different color than the text it actually is on top of the words.  (the words have a line through them at the bottom).
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AnilKumarSharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Note that, you may prefer to choose "Behind text" type formatting. When you draw a line, select and right click to open "Format Autoshap" option. and then select layout tab and choose the layout wrapping style most suitable for you, may be in front of text, if you prefer.
After you setup these lines then you may prefer to select all those lines and group it so that it will group them and makes it easy to maintain.

Insert a single-column table, highlight it, right-click and select Border and Shading.... On the Borders tab in the Preview section on the right, click the vertical lines on the right and left of the sample cells to delete them. You can also control your line style, thickness, and color.
cxs410Author Commented:
Now.. if I'm using a font that is hand written can I get it to overlap these lines.. (on the bottom) lke i'm writing on real paper.
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lee555J5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I do not think a table works this way. With a table, the row height changes to accommodate the contents; so it will not overwrite any lines. It would be easy for you to give it a try. I probable do not have the font you want.
I think what you are looking for is some kind of stationery, background image, or watermark. Otherwise, Word does not want to overwrite anything.
Draw horizontal lines manually if you like to use lines with your own definitions. For this use menu View->Toolbars->Drawing
And draw lines.
Re: Horizontal lines
That look like it might work. It could be tedious drawing and perfectly spacing all the lines.
To put your font "on top" of the lines, right-click the lines > select Order > Send to Back
ydsonlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A suggestion when using the horizontal lines:

1. Draw you first line to length and format exactly the way you would like the line,  the thickness style colour etc.
2. Position the line at the top of the page where you would like to start the first line.
3. Hold down Ctrl+Shift while clicking on the first line and drag the line down and release the mouse. This will duplicate the line as well as align it with the first line.
4. Now use your up and down arrows to get it exactly the space between the two lines that you want. If you need more accuracy, Hold down Ctrl while using the up and down arrows.
5. Now that you have two lines you can speed up the process of duplicating them by doing the following:
6. Select both lines by holding down shift and click on each line. While doing that press Ctrl as well and drag the lines down until the top line of the copied lines snaps to the bottom line of the original line. You should have 3 lines now.
7. Now follow the same process from step 5 and select this time all three lines. Once copied and dragged down you will now have 5 lines. Keep doing this and you'll soon fill your whole page with lines.
8. Once finished, just go back and delete the duplicate lines where they snapped onto each other.
(Tip: if you are not sure where the duplicates are, just keep deleting and if you delete to much just undo)

To keep your lines together, hold down shift and select all the lines, then right click the selection and Group them together.

Also another suggestion would be to cut the whole group, Click View > Header and Footer and then paste the group into the header and footer. The position should remain exact where it was. Close the header or double click back on your page.
You have now the extra benefit of the lines being in the background and you can type anything over them now.
Just use your paragraph options to space out your text until it all fits nicely in between the lines.
I have attached an example I just did to support the above steps.
cxs410Author Commented:
Great stuff
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