How do I create a sequential list in an InfoPath form based on an initial input into a table.

I am trying to provide a form where the user will set the initial value and the form will set the next 24 values incrementing by one each.

I've used a table with a formula adding 1 to the previous row and receive the following error: "...The number of calculations used for a single action exceeded the maximum limit."

It appears that after 15 iterations InfoPath kicks out this error. See the attached files for a screen shot of both the message and the portion of the form in question.

Thank you
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
not sure whether these rows exist or you are inserting them.
I often use a field in the form called currentrow or maxrow to both start the sequence and keep track of the next number.
Then on insert, I have the new row default be maxrow+1.  Quick and dirty is break up your rules to two fields to get around the limit. One does the first 12 and the other does 13 on.
JaemoeAuthor Commented:
I will accept this as a solution with one note and one key addition:

Note - when adding the field for determining the max value, the syntax is max() not maxrow

additionally - in order to keep the values from all changing as rows are inserted the "Update this value when the result of this formula is recalculated." MUST be unchecked, see the attached screen shot.

As for a static list... I used one rule updating all 25 fields upon initial input into the first field. I.E. when the first field "is not blank" field2=field1+1, field3=field1+2, field4=field1+3... and so on.
JaemoeAuthor Commented:
See author's comments for important additions to Expert solution.

Thanks again for the input clayfox
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