Informix ODBC connection string - Database locale information mismatch

I am trying to connect to an informix db using ado connection from VB6. I have a connection string set up like below
Driver={IBM INFORMIX 3.82 32 BIT};;Server=cms_net;Service=50000;Protocol=olsoctcp;Database=xxx;uid=xxxx;pwd=xxxx
I am getting "Database local information mismatch" error. Can some one help.
I don't want to use the DSN. Is there a way to specify the db locale in the connection string. I trying using DLOC=xxxx and is not working. Help!
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flutophilusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add the db_locale and client_locale parameters to your connection string - for example

Place a Ado data control on a form. You would need to add reference from components.

Build the connection string by going through the ADO data control properties without using dsn.
Copy that connection string and use it in your code.
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