SharePoint - Dashboard/KPI/Graphical Report based on SharePoint Task List

I'm wondering what my options are for presenting a series of reports based on SharePoint task list data...Each report contains a pie chart and bar graph based on certain task criteria.

I'm figuring that this could be done either via Excel Services with an excel workbook connection to the SharePoint list or via SQL Reporting Services.

I've read that the data source does not dynamically update when publishing the workbook to excel services, but a UDF can be created to get around this.  

I'm not sure what is possible via Reporting Services.

Basically I'm after some expert advice and recommendations on the pros, cons, gotchas etc for each option.
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adiga123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
use microsoft charts controls. it is easier than excel services.
this link will solve the problems for u.
u can use data from multiple lists and generate graphs

zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
have you tried the ChartPart on Codeplex?
Joe KlimisCommented:
You could create a new view based on access ( very easy ) and use pivotchart, from there . this will give you a dynamic updating pie chart

If you require detiails on how to do it  let me know
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drewberryliciousAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggested solutions all.

Joe - I would like details on how to do this with access if you could spare the time.

I will assign points once I've tried these methods out.

Joe KlimisCommented:
do the following to creta a access view graph / Pie Chart using Access View in sharepoint

Open the list in SharePoint that holds the data to be charted
Right click the view drop down and select create view

Select access view from the list
This will then start access , choose where to save on you local machine click save
Select pivot chart from the forms list
Click the empty chart
Click change chart type from the ribbon
Select type PIE and close the properties
Drag in the fields form the list and create the chart you require
Click save from the menu
Give the chart a name
Click publish to SharePoint
Select the list  and click ok
Click yes
Close access
Go back to your SharePoint list  
Refresh the page (f5)
And the new view should be in the list
Test the view works
drewberryliciousAuthor Commented:
Hi guys.  Apologies, but I just haven't had time to test yet.  As soon as I do I will award points.  Thanks for your patience.
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