How do i get rid of <span class="price"></span> around special price - Magento Commerce modern theme

If you look at my carbon fiber hoods website , check out this product for Acura Legend, vented carbon fiber hood:

Now click on "Additional Opions" you can see the extra text surrounding the Special Price attribute.
<span class="price">$474.05</span>

I have the latest version of magento cart 1.4.1
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hieloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you look at the html source code of that page you will notice that the span in question is coded as follows:
<td class="data">&lt;span class=&quot;price&quot;&gt;$474.05&lt;/span&gt;</td>

which is basically "escaped/encoded html".  You need to change that to "raw" html:
<td class="data"><span class="price">$474.05</span></td>

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