Windows server VPN - TCP / WINS problem RAS

I have 2 different workstations at 2 different physical locations.
For my question, please see this screenshot:

 Both have a VPN connection to a remote windows server.  The server name is DESTINY.  One computer can ping destiny, the other cannot.   I think (im not sure, though) that the reason is because the faulty computer has a gateway set to itself, while the computer that works has a gateway of

I dont know why they each have different PPP gateways...the server is the same server and they connect to the same IP.   Can someone help?
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it appears that cindyc is pointing to herself as the default gateway which is her ip address.

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These vpn connections are being manually configured, and not by dhcp, so how did these get setup, what client are you using? Is this a hardware vpn, hamachi, rras or what?
arthurh88Author Commented:
for both VPN connections, I simply followed the steps in XP and Vista to create a new connection.  As far as I know, they are setup the same.  here is a screenshot of Cindy's TCP/IP properties for the VPN.  I dont know why she is getting herself as a gateway...?
Can I give you a hint to make your life simpler try LogMeIn Hamachi it is easy to setup and you can get it for free if you setup a personal account, we use this a lot for clients. I will in the meantime check your screenshot.
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