Courier V.Everyting EXT PnP (v90-x2) Fax on SBS2008

I'm having trouble receiving Faxes on the above modem on a SBS2008 server.  I can send all right but receive about 40-50% only.

Any ideas?

Yours sincerely
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theonlyallanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The solution for Event ID 32092 is here:

There shouldn't be anything wrong with your modem. These are very robust devices.. Make sure your modem DIP switches are a their default settings..  You said they already have this modem. These modems are very preferred for OOB dial-up connections. so make sure the DIP switches are changed back to the defaults.. Picture of the default positions  should be at the back of the modem. or the USR support page.

To check the firmware version, Open Hyperterminal, select the modem or com port and press ATI7
BTW, the support page is here:

Seems unlikely that you will need to flash your modem. Try adjusting the answer ring to 2 rings instead as suggested in the article..
Haven't seen one of those in a while, it usually means a line problem or AT commands need to configure the modem properly. It could also be the switches on the back need to be set properly or you may need to reset it to default settings. It has been a long time since I configured one of those modems. I would suggest a USB fax/modem they work with no configuration, that is what I've used in the last few years.
If you definately need to use this modem then I can try to assist you, but to save you time I would suggest the above. btw, I'm assuming this an external serial modem?
Hope this helps.
SimonLewisAuthor Commented:
Hi, yes I'm afraid I have to use this modem as that's what the client already has.  It is a serial modem as well, sorry I missed that bit.

For future reference however do you have a recommended usb fax/modem?

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No not really any will do the trick and they usually cost around $40-50. That's why I said before you break your neck by banging into the wall over this you might want to consider it. First I would make sure there is no problems with the line, I have had this bite me more than once.
I could find you the default settings and how to do it if you can get me the exact model number, It's sounds like a U.S. Robotics modem, which has gone by the way of the dinosaur:-).
The courier V.Modems are supposed to be the best.. Next would be Multi-tech.
Have you checked the website for firmware updates?
SimonLewisAuthor Commented:
I'm getting event ID 32092 error messages in the event logs if that helps?

How would I check the firmware on the device to begin with please?
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