Memory allocated to sybase in solaris

Could some please tell how much memory is allocated to sybase instance on a solaris machine.
Also how to check what is the total RAM on solaris and how much is allocated to different instances of sybase on that machine ??

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The command to find the Ram size in solaris is
#prtconf | grep Mem
/usr/sbin/prtconf | grep Mem

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See in how much is allocated to different instances of sybase on that machine:
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Deepak_FILAuthor Commented:
can someone please provide how much memeory is configured for sybase to be used.

1. how much memory sybase can use from total RAM of solaris ?
2. how much it is currently using ?
3. how much is free.
4. how much more sybase instance can ask ??

Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
1. Maximum Sybase memory depends on Sybase version and on bit size. 32-bit ASE can only use up to 3.78Gb on Solaris (even if Solaris is 64-bit). You must run 64-bit ASE (on 64-bit Solaris, on 64-bit chips) to go above that.

See also

Within that limit, you want to give ASE as much as possible while not causing any paging on the box. A well tuned Solaris kernel can fit in 128M of memory but in general I try to keep things to about 7/8ths for Sybase.

2. To see how much memory an ASE instance is using, connect to ASE and run:

   sp_configure "total physical memory"

This is the total amount currently in use by this instance. If you have other Sybase servers running (Backup Server, other ASE instances) they will also use memory. Note some backup memory is used while dumps or loads are actually running, also.

3. Solaris "top" command (if installed) will show you how much memory is free.

4. Per (1) above, there are 32-bit limits. Other than that you can give ASE as much as you want up to total RAM + swap space. However it is very foolish to ever go that high as any performance you gain from increasing ASE memory you will lose by causing paging into swap space. You also need to set at least one Solaris kernel parameter (shmmax) to be able to allocate more than 75% of memory.

How much RAM do you have on your host? What is ASE currently set to use?
Deepak_FILAuthor Commented:
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