SQL Database Login

Hi all,

When i login into my company database in sql  2000 , i get the following error:

"Invalid number of flex key defination"

Kindly Help

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Chris MConnect With a Mentor Consulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
This is more of an application specific error, not an SQL database error as such.
If it stems from the database, then it's an error which has been customised from the application where the database error is abstracted from the user but the application error for whatever reason displayed.

Please involve the technical support team for Solomon's application.

For now, you could run a trace on your application account to the database and then log into Solomon, then see what your trace contains in SQL profiler.

Good day.
are trying to login directly to query analyzer of enterprise manager?
upl1Author Commented:
no i have made a new company and when ever i try to login into that company through Solomon Application this error comes
I knew that you are using some or other application as the error message you saw was not belongs to SQL Server. you can try login directly to SQL Server with the same credential, if you are not able to login, we can solve that but if it is application specific issue, you have to involve support member from that application's team.
Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
Does your response make any difference after I posted mine?
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