SCCM Reporting does not work after changing security in IIS

Hi all,

After changing the Directory Security on the Default Website in IIS (trying to enable SSO) it seems now my reports do not run at all anymore.

I get different errors ranging from
The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object.
Report (xx) is unavailable. Either you do not have permissions to view the report or the report does not exist.

I have tried already adjusting the dcomfig security as advised in other solutions, but that made no difference.

I know I caused it myself by changing the Security, no the problem is how to revert back to the original situation......

Can someone maybe guide me on which settings should be set on the Security of the default website and any node if they differ from the parent?
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Rem-8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, changing security in IIS in case of having those System Center packets with reporting is horrible (the same happens in SCOM). Try running Reporting Configuration Wizard again and add there accounts on which SCCM is running. Second thing which comes on my mind is to del/inst Reporting Role from SCCM console.
scstechteamAuthor Commented:
I already went through the config wizard for the reporting role again, but that did not seem to solve the problem.

What did solve the problem was actually just deleteing the reporting role and adding it again. tnx!
scstechteamAuthor Commented:
It seems that there are more roles impacted by this security issue. When trying to deploy a package it always ends with error 1619. In the same manner I tried deleting the DP and installing it again, but this time it seems it did not do the trick.... any advise?
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