Domain Users denied access to registry on Terminal Server 2008

I've recently setup a new terminal server running on Server 2008.
To run a bespoke software we have the users accounts need to be able to access/edit the registry.
I've added the 'Domain Users' account to the local administrators of the server but even with this i still get a "Access to the registry 'HKLM*******etc etc' is denied"

I only seem to be able to run the software on the machine as a domain admin! Is there a higher security setting I need to change somewhere to allow the normal users to do more?
I don't have the same problem with Server 2003.


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hutnorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
got run and type regedit

find what keys they need access to for the software & then right click it
click permission
click add
select who you need
tick what permissions they need

Add the users that need to use the software to the part of the registery they need to edit.

This makes them still have no admin access to anything but allows them to edit the registery for this software.

I have had the same problem with my TS2008 running software like this.
Supra_EddAuthor Commented:
that makes sense, thanks. but i dont know how to do that. is there a KB anywhere with help?
would be good to remove them from local admins if it works :)
Supra_EddAuthor Commented:
fantastic, learn something everyday. thanks for the help its worked perfectly, ive now taken the domain users out of local admins aswell so they cant shut down the machine!
Thanks for the help.
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