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I am totally new to devolping apps on mobile devices, so I seek guidance on this great forum. :)

We use VS 2008, with datagrids and datasets to connect to databases. Now we want to develope an application that can be run on a handheld barcode scanner. We have not purchased any devices yet, I was hoping for some recommandations here. System requirements:

- Stabile handheld barcode scanner
- possible to implement apps developed in VS 2008
- communicate via WLAN to database (I was thinking of Cisco 2112 LAN controller and Aironet 1240 AG)

The application on the handheld device must:
1. scan current job, to open the job.
2. scan an item, comunicate with database to check if it is right item
3. If right item, report on the job
4. repeat 2. and 3. until job is finished
5. close job.

Hope to get any suggestions on both handheld scanners and/or other relevant and useful information regarding this.
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
symbol has a great line of Windows mobile scanners. You can use VS2008 and create wireless apps using remoting into SQL server or web services.
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