Windows XP Pro network password is not saving

I have windows XP Pro SP2 installs with all the latest windows updates my Clint systems. My server is windows 2003 standard edition . Since then whenever I start up the PC and try to use one it asks for a username and password . I enter the username and password and tick save password and it goes in then I can then use the network drive and shard printers on that server  as many times as I like without a problem.
However when I restart my PC the same thing happens again. i try the option in user accounts manage my network passwords i added username and password but the same ,i have total 25 clients in that 17 are having the same problem
How do I fix this so I will really store the passwords?
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acl-puzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make an batch file/script and place the file in the of every pc

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder

if you have an AD simply put in logon scripts via GPO
NET USE X: \\servername\share /USER:domain\username password /persistent:yes
we4uAuthor Commented:
please explain how to
we4uAuthor Commented:
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