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Hi, is there any possibility to get the page loading time with placing measuretime javascript only at the bottom of the page that calculates the load time ? Or does it have to be split into
<head>/* measure starttime */</head>
<script ...>/* measure stoptime */ </script>

Is there any event that javascript has that is bound to page start loading ?
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Lukasz ChmielewskiAsked:
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I am not aware of any event on the start of page loading.
But there is some javascript code I used in the past to get an idea of the page loading times. It might not be completely accurate, but it was enough in my case
Lukasz ChmielewskiAuthor Commented:
yes, this is accurate, but I do not want to include any js in head section of the page...

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I doubt Javascript can accurately tell you how fast the page loads if it is on the very same page.  I am thinking this because the script itself needs to be downloaded and loaded.

If you use firebug you can just use the net tab and it will show the load time of every request on a page as well as a total at the bottom right.
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