What is the import of this message? How do I get rid of it permanantly.

What is the import of this message?  How do I get rid of it permanantly.
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StinkyPeteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The webpage that Internet Explorer is showing you has content which was delivered securely, and content which was delivered in the clear, i.e. not encrypted.
It is not immediately obvious which elements of the page have been delivered by which method.
As an example the non-secured content may be adverts.
How this is removed may depend on if the pc/latop is part of a domain in a company environment, or in a workgroup.
dwaynecharringtonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This means that you are viewing a website that uses an encrypted secure connection (HTTPS) that is trying to load an element or elements that are not using the HTTPS protocol and are using the standard HTTP protocol. Internet Explorer is asking you if you only want to load the elements that are using HTTPS and not HTTP.

For example; I get this same dialog when using Internet Explorer for online banking because images are being loaded via standard HTTP only and it is asking me if I want to take the risk of loading images over a standard non-secure connection.

I am not sure you can disable this. It is a good feature in my opinion, keeps you secure and helps stop your information from being stolen over non-secure connections.
Ravi AgrawalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Control Panel >> Internet options >> Security tab >> Select Internet >> click the Custom level button >> Scroll down to Miscellaneuos and under the Section "display mixed content" >> Select Enable. Restart IE and visit the website. Hopefully you won't get the error message now.

Reason of occurance of this message is due to your page trying to show you unsecure content over an encrypted connection as rightly pointed out in the above comments.

Any update for us?
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