Which Domain Controller does Exchange 2007 use


Can anybody tell me the Exchange Management Shell command to see which domain controller Exchange is using.

The reason I want to check this is, our users who manage Distribution Lists cannot edit the list even though they are managers of that list.  Looking on the Microsoft site, its says that this behavior can occur if you have a user group in one Active Directory domain and a distribution group in another domain, also a user can only manage distribution groups that are in the user's domain, so I just want to make sure that the Exchange box is pointing to the correct DC.

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tspreethConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To see which DC Exchange server is using - go to exchange mangement console - Server Confiugration - Mailbox - Then Right Click on the Required Server - Properties - Then System Settings - It shows which Domain Controllers are being used by the Exchange Server.

For your problem about DL owners not able to add memebers to the DL - Install Exchange 2003 Active Driectory Users and Computers Console on Either XP System part of the same domain or Windows Server 2003 system part of the same exchange domain, Go to the properties of the DL from this console. In the managed by Tab - add the user who needs  manage the DL.
Apply it .
Now if you check from outlook it should work.
novatekitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks tspreeth, I followed your instructions above and although the Exchange server is looking at the DC in the same domain, i've just notice that the OU for the DL is listing as another domain, so the Exchange server is sitting in CORP.domain.com, but in the EMC -> Recipient Confirguration -> Distribution Group - all the  groups are listed in domain.com.

Is there anyway of changing this so that Exchange looks at the DL is CORP.domain.com
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